What next after KCSE?

What next after KCSE?

What do I do after sitting my KCSE? This is a question that most parents / guardians and students who’ve just completed their high school studies  have to ponder about. The answer in most instances requires that the individual in question proceeds with their academic – a pathway to a fulfilling career. Pursuing further education in Kenya depends on a number of factors including the grade attained in the national high school exams (KCSE); cost vis-à-vis available finances; and of course most people will mention where the passion / interests of the person are.

Grades attained does play a big role in determining what an individual will do getting into adulthood. It is however important to note that grades are not really a final judgement on one’s destiny. Poor performance in KCSE doesn’t automatically guarantee a miserable life, and so is the opposite, sadly.

Diakonia Training Institute has courses for all students irrespective of their scores – even those who didn’t go through high school education! Depending on your interests, we have a number of courses offered in a serene, learning-friendly environment at pocket-friendly rates. We have a qualified and dedicated faculty motivated to impart knowledge and skills for our students’ success in whichever field they choose to pursue.

Enroll with us for:

  • Computer Packages and ICDL – KCPE and fluency in English Language
  • Artisan Certificate Courses – KCSE D- (minus)and below
  • Craft Certificate courses – KCSE D (plain) and above
  • Diploma courses – KCSE C- (minus) and above
Once you are successfully finish  you can proceed to diploma level, then to degree, then then to masters and then to PhD level. It’s just a matter of sheer will, focus and determination.

Choose a course of your choice from our departs of ICT, Business, Social Work or Hospitality and start your career journey today. Call / WhatsApp Diakonia via +254 740 211 672 or visit us at Shalom House, Dagoretti Corner, Nairobi