School of Information Communication Technology

Diakonia Training Institute offers various levels of ICT including beginner level (computer packages), professional and academic training to learners. This department is popularly regarded as Shalom IT Center.

Information Communication Technology (ICT) Certificate 1 Year D & Above KNEC 13,000 4
Diploma 2 Years C- & Above KNEC 15,000 8

Other short and professional courses in the school of ICT include:

  • End User Professional (Computer Packages)
  • ICDL
  • Graphic Design – Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Lightroom
  • Video Editing – Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Web Design – HTML, CSS, PHP, WordPress, Joomla
  • Computer Hardware and Software Maintenance
  • Networking
  • Basic Electronics

Kindly visit our ICT department, Shalom IT Center for more information.