May 2024 Assembly and Orientation

May 2024 Assembly and Orientation

On Tuesday 21st May, current Diakonia students and faculty assembled in Shalom House for the Term II assembly and orientation of new students. These termly gatherings are important to the institute as they ensure the faculty and students have a common understanding of the rules of engagement and foster harmony through the college calendar of activities.

The college management continues to highly value and appreciate the efforts of students, their guardians and our partners for making Diakonia their preferred source of technical and vocational skills. With tens of students joining the institute every month, Diakonia strives to be one of the best colleges in the city that enhances positive transformation of communities. This is a continuous efforts that can only be attained through focus on quality education, prudent reaction to changes in trends and needs, and the onboarding of all relevant stakeholders.

During the session, students were taken through the college calendar of activities and got introduced to the faculty, available facilities, as well as opportunities for further studies. It was also a moment of inspiration to remind all students of their infinite potential. When properly utilized, could not only transform their lives, but put a positive mark in the communities they serve.

Some of the notable take-aways from the assembly included:

  • The need for every student to have a mentor for guidance on their professional and social lives
  • A reminder that the college has a two-way communication channel and appreciates feedback
  • The need not only to focus on syllabus coverage, but also explore industry trends and seek experience through volunteering
  • The need to meet tuition hours and be certified

Once acclimatized to the college, we believe that the students will inspire change in their communities. #KaribuDiakonia

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