Who We Are

Diakonia Training Institute was established in the year 2010 by Koinonia Community to offer technical and vocational training to youth from diverse backgrounds. We offer short courses, artisan certificate, craft certificate and diploma courses in ICT, Hospitality and Hairdressing, Business and Social Sciences.

To be an academic center of excellence that is committed to the transformation of the Kenyan Society and the generation of innovative educational services.

To foster an intellectual culture that bridges theory with best practice and formation of holistic graduates for community service, empowerment and leadership at local, national and international levels.

• To offer an integral affordable education and form professionals as agents of change in the social sector especially to serve marginalized groups and for development.
• To develop accessible academic alternatives to the socio-economic, political and cultural changes, thus contributing to the empowerment of local communities.
• To provide research and documentation services on specific areas of interest in line with our mission aimed at improving the quality of academic and social services.
• To promote responsible citizenship by networking and advocating for social justice and sustainable peace for the growth of an inclusive society.

• Integrity and Passion
• Equity and Accessibility
• Professionalism and Creativity
• Community Service and Solidarity
• Innovation and Responsiveness to Change


We offer you:
• Innovative products and services inclusive of career workshops, development seminars and flexible lecture hours
• Well equipped and conducive learning environment with modern facilities in a secure and conducive location
• Highly qualified and competent team of professionals devoted to service delivery
• Affordable high quality training in tandem with the department of industrial training regulations and Ministry of Education.
• A safe and supportive community with an informal culture that has established links with the social industry.
• Modern library with internet access and a wide collection of materials.

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