Service, Learning and Fun at Anita’s Home

Service, Learning and Fun at Anita’s Home

One of the most important aspects of any leaning process is the applicability in real life. At Diakonia training Institute, we strive to instill the spirit of service to humanity to our learners.

On 8th June 2024, our students and staff joined the girls at Anita’s Home for our termly charity/ Sports Day event. This included both our main campus and the Andrew’s Computer School campus. With most of the students having joined in term 2, it was an opportunity for them to learn the Diakonia culture. With the Diakonia community growing every year, the alumnus of our college also tagged along to take part in this worthy cause.

On arrival, we had mass celebration led by our founder, Father Kizito. Diakonia and Anita’s Home fraternity enjoyed lunch. Most of us lead a sedentary lifestyles, albeit without our knowledge. Being one of the most important activities of the day, we took to the fields to break a sweat. It was truly a unifying and enjoyable activity. Diakonia students got to interact and learn from the Anita Girls, who in turn had an opportunity to be mentored on different aspects of life. We definitely could leave without sharing gifts with our hosts and tanking them for their hospitality.

We look forward to touching more lives through such noble initiatives.

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