Memo on External Examinations

Memo on External Examinations

The college management is continuously working to make Diakonia Training Institute the ideal place to work and study.

Following extensive consultations and in light of recent events, please note that the following come to effect IMMEDIATELY regarding external exams:

  • Every student must seek clearance from the relevant HODs before they are allowed to register for external exams.
  • For one to sit external exams, they MUST have attended at least 90% of classes and scored at least a pass in the last 3 internal exams
  • Students who meet the above-mentioned criteria must sit their exams not later than 3 months after clearing their studies. Failure to this will result in them redoing at least a semester of revision.
  • The college will only process attachment, internship and recommendation letters to ONLY students who meet these new directives.

Thank you for your cooperation

Best regards,


College Principal

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