KNEC Diploma in Information Technology

This course is divided into three modules. Each module is terminal in nature. The course is aimed at

providing the trainees with knowledge, skills and attitudes which will enable them to perform systems

analysis, systems design, software development tasks and administrative duties.

Module I is designed to enable the trainee become a computer operator with skills and knowledge in

Operating Systems, Computer Application Packages and Information Systems.

Module II is designed to enable the trainee become a Computer Programmer and System analyst with

skills and knowledge in Entrepreneurship Education and relevant Mathematics.

Module III is designed to enable the trainee become a Systems Administrator with skills and knowledge

to administer various Computer Networks and management of Human Resources.


  • DIT 6401: Introduction to Computers and Principles of operating systems
  • DIT 6402: Computer Applications
  • DIT 6403: Information System Management
  • DIT 6404: Communication Skills


  • DIT 6405: Systems Analysis and Design
  • DIT 6406: Programming
  • DIT 6407: Entrepreneurship Education
  • DIT 6408: Mathematics


  • DIT 6409: Quantitative methods
  • DIT 6410: Principles & Practice of Management
  • DIT 6411: Data Communication
  • DIT 6412: Project
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